Since v4.0 this is handled automatically via Cloud Sync. If you use Clipà.Vu for Desktop v3.x we strongly recommend to upgrade. 

This article is about Clipà.Vu for Desktop v3.x. It does not apply for v4.0 and up.

One of the features we plan to implement during 2015 is an automated continuous synchronization of Clipà.Vu data among all your computers. When that becomes reality this article becomes obsolete. Until then we can offer this manual "one-time transfer" solution for the case you bought a new computer and you want the data (History, Favorites, etc.) you collected on the old computer to be copied to the new one.

1) Install Clipà.Vu for Windows Desktop on your new computer

2) After it starts exit it via its tray icon

3) On your old computer navigate to this folder: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Clipa.Vu\Data. Just paste this string exactly as given here - Windows Explorer will translate %USERNAME% variable to your real user name automatically.

4) Copy all files with the .vu extension (only these, currently it is 5 files) to the same folder on your new computer - e.g. via some cloud service or USB stick device

5) Start Clipà.Vu on your new computer.

Please let us know on if any problems should appear.