In some cases (early adopters, beta testers, idea generators, etc...) we offer giving Clipà.Vu Desktop for free. Normally we make such an offer after some conversation via support@clipa.vu email.

It is however slightly more complicated that it could be. The licensing subsystem embedded in the app does not allow to "cheat" our licensing server. For that reason a real PayPal payment must happen.

Normally we do it this way:

  • You purchase the app as any other user via PayPal button on this page if you apply for update or here if it is your very first purchase
  • You will receive a license key automatically on your PayPal email address.
  • Use this license key and activate your software copy.
  • Send us a mail to support@clipa.vu and request the reimbursement.
  • We send your payment back within hours, max days.

This approach has been used in number of cases and nobody ever raised any complain. We trust our users so on your request we can do it the other way around: We send you the money upfront - it is only $7.77 after all - and you will use it for your 'purchase'.

Best regards
Your Clipà.Vu Team.